Saturday, March 7, 2015

Crystals.... A Witch's Best Friend.

Crystals are used often in witchcraft and highly valued for the uses. They amplify energies in other stones. When left with other crystals (Ex. wand, altar, other magickal tools etc.) it unites and strengthens other crystals' vibrations. Due to the crystal's ability to focus and direct energy, it makes it ideal to use in circle casting. When using crystals in amulets, satchels, etc., Carry them around with you. In your pocket, purse, sewn in something, around your neck.

Not one crystal is the same and they all send out unique and specific energies. You don't have to have any special skills or "powers" to work with crystals. All you need is the intent and belief in what you are using them for whether it be healing, divination, protection, etc..

Crystals are used for: (Common reasons, not specific)


-As Pendalums

-Healing and Aligning the body's energies

-For cleansing and purification

-For directing energy when used on wands

-In sachels or as amulets

-For scrying

-For divination

-For protection

-Helps aid memory


...And many more.

They are each so beautiful and have so many qualities. You do have to manage and care for them though.

Choosing Your Crystals.....

Go into a metaphysical shop. What do you see? Crystals, stones, beads etc... How do you know where to begin? Walk over there. Think of the crystals and let one draw you to it. It will choose you.