Saturday, March 21, 2015

Healing Your Relationship or Marriage....

What You Need:

1 White Candle
1 Pink Candle
A glass or metal bowl (I buy 3 pack glass bowls at the dollar store!)
Pen and A piece of paper
2 pieces of string

You need at least 30 minutes to prepare yourself and items before the ritual.

First write two letters. One to the God of the Universe and the second to the Goddess. In your first letter, start by writing about all the problems you have in your relationship/marriage and how you feel about it. Only YOU will ever see this letter so put all of your issues out and express everything honestly.

After expressing all of your feelings you have about your relationship, write what would happen if your marriage/relationship was perfect. How would you and your significant other act toward one another. Make this letter longer than the first. Details!!

Meditate and center yourself.

What To Do:

Gather all items for spell (don't forget the letters) and cast a circle. Light the white candle (spirituality and peace) Next light the pink candle (love and affection)
Place the first letter that you wrote in a bowl and light it on fire. While the letter is burning, let yourself feel the negative energy in your marriage or relationship burn off with it.

Sacred flames carry my problems away Let our relationship start anew this day

Get the second letter and pieces of string. Read over the letter again and visualize for a few minutes the desired picture of you and your loved one living together and living in harmony.

Take the two lengths of string and tie them together at one end so they form one longer piece of string. Ensure the knot is strong. The knot will represent the bond between you and your partner. Fold the paper in half again. Wrap the string around the paper while you say:

Goddess and God above, Please help unite me with my love, bring us sacred harmony and peace, allow the strength of our bond to increase. So Mote It Be.

Close the circle and bury the paper and string near an apple or birch tree (symbolize love) If an apple or birch isn't available, any tree will do.