Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Aesirian Code of Nine

1. The Code is to Honor
Honor yourself with truth and fairness. Your word is your bond, give your word power by adhering to it. Honor your family and friends with reverence and respect. Honor your love and the way above all else. Honor is the mark of strength and nobility.

2. The Code is to Protect
Protect with savagery your blood and kin. Let no one or nothing violate your love or the way. Let there always be inequity in defense. Always protect thrice as fiercely as one is attacked. Protection is the mark of a warrior spirit.

3. The Code is to Flourish
Prosperity and growth are key to the survival of the way. Such is the mark of intelligence.

4. The Code is Knowledge
Knowledge is power. Seek ever to expand the mind. Never stagnate, for knowledge is a gift from the gods.

5. The Code is Change
Adapting and changing are important for growth and survival. That which cannot adapt or change is doomed to perish. Change is the mark of insight.

6. The Code is Fairness
Pay all debts, pull your own weight, always hear and consider all sides. Treat all others with equity and fairness. Expect the same.

7. The Code is Balance
Remember the Law of Balance; All that which you do or wish for, good or ill, shall return to you one day. Strive for the good.

8. The Code is Control
Never lose control to anger or be baited by hostility. Never strike a woman unless your life hangs in the balance. Never violate the weak or innocent. Never tolerate those who do. Control is the mark of a disciplined mind, a sign of the greatest warriors.

9. The Code is Conflict
Those who follow the way must know the art of combat, weapons and vengeance.
War is part of the path. Always be prepared for hostility. It is a destiny woven into the very fibers of our people. Keep body, mind and training up at all times. Have no remorse in the savagery of conflict. Win, prevail and survive.