Sunday, June 28, 2015

Improve Self Worth

 This is to improve thoughts of self worth and confidence

What You Need:
Purple candles (as many as you want)
Rose quartz or Amethyst
Rose oil
Ylang Ylang oil

*Around your bathroom, light purple candles, placed safely so that they cast pools of light on the water when you fill the bath.

* Let the water run and then turn off the taps and add five drops of rose essential oil and five of ylangylang, dropping them into the pools of light.

* Place a rose quartz or amethyst crystal in the water to strengthen self-love and approval.

* Lie in the water and swirl the light pools in turn, making an affirmation for each one, for example:

I exist, I am unique, lam of worth, I have many gifts [name them], I value myself, Hove myself, I am complete in myself, I treasure what I have and what I am, as I am right now.
* Continue to swirl the light, visualising it flowing within you, making you a body of light and loveliness.

* Finally, make a wish for yourself in each light pool.

* When you are ready, wrap yourself in a soft towel or robe and take out the plug, saying:

Doubts and sorrow, flow from me, what I wish, I can be.
Look at yourself in the mirror framed by light and you will see how your inner radiance creates true beauty that cannot fade.

* Carry the candles into your bedroom or living room and spend the rest of the evening reading a special book, listening to music or just dreaming of golden tomorrows as you gaze into the light.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Herb: Blessed Thistle (Holy Thistle)

-Strengthens Spirit

-Renews Vitality


-Hex Breaking





*If a man carries it, it's said he becomes a better lover ;)

*Used in healing spells and to help with depression

*Throw it in a fire to deflect lighting away from your home

*Grow it in your garden or carry it in your pocket for protection

*Good to go in poppets to break spells (Also, wearing a garmet made of it will break spells as well)

*Carried for added strength

*A bowlfull placed in a room will strengthen the spirit and renews vitality

*Used to invoke the God, Pan.

**Helps with ulcers externally

**Can be made into a tea to help with heartburn

***Be wary if expecting!***


Money/Job Spell

What You Need:

  • -4 tiger's eye crystals
  • -12 silver coins
  • -paper
  • -green or brown pen or marker
  • -area to keep this up permanently

  • What To Do:

     Place the four tiger's eye crystals in a square formation (East, West, North and South), leaving room for the silver coins to go between them.

    Place 4 silver coins between each tiger's eye, creating a square. While you are doing this, picture yourself in that new job, or what you would do with that money.   Write on the piece of paper the job you want, or the amount you need and what you need it for, fold it up, and place it in the center of the square.   Now trace the square of tiger's eyes, starting in the East. As you trace it, see yourself working the job you want, or doing what you want to do with the money you have. Say at each stone (in the proper Quarter):

      Eastern beings see my request,
    Bring to me what You think is best.
    Northern beings hear my cry,
    Bring this opportunity by.
    Western beings know what I need,
    And let me be the one to succeed.
    Southern beings let good fortune come,
    So I may have the proper sum.

     Leave this small ''altar'' up, and perform the chant once a day until you are blessed.



    Saturday, June 6, 2015

    New Moon Bath


    Brings out natural psychic abilities

    Connects with the energies of the New Moon

    Perform during the New Moon phase

    What You Need:

    1 Cup coarse sea salt

    1/2 Cup baking soda

    1/4 Cup vervain

    1/4 Cup Jasmine flowers

    7 drops of cypress oil

    -Mix everything in a bowl *Excluding oil*

    -Pour mixture into a tub of hot bathwater and add drops of oil


    How to Create Banishing Powder & Oil for Spell Working

    Witches Brew

    Herb Jar to Enhance Your Powers Mentally

    Magick Oil Recipes

    Ointments of Power

    50 Magical Charms

    Herb: Mugwort

    To me, Mugwort is used a lot in aspects related to divination. I think it enhances and helps grow one's psychic abilities.* It's also used for protection while traveling.

    Magickal Uses:

    -Used in Clairvoyance



    -Astral projection




    Medicinal Uses:

    -Good for feet and legs

    -Used as an antiseptic

    -Helps with fleas and worms

    -Good for cleansing the liver

    I used Mugwort in a purple protection bag (along with other herbs and a few stones) and keep it hanging from my rearview mirror. If it's illegal to have something hanging from your mirror than stick it underneath the driver's side seat.

    Rub the leaves on a scrying mirror.

    Add it to a pouch and put underneath your pillow or make tea out of it before bed for help with astral projection and also helps give you prophetic dreams.

    These are only a few ways you can use mugwort. There are many many more. It's also very useful in healing.

    **It's related to ragweed so make sure it wont bother your allergies**