Saturday, June 6, 2015

Herb: Mugwort

To me, Mugwort is used a lot in aspects related to divination. I think it enhances and helps grow one's psychic abilities.* It's also used for protection while traveling.

Magickal Uses:

-Used in Clairvoyance



-Astral projection




Medicinal Uses:

-Good for feet and legs

-Used as an antiseptic

-Helps with fleas and worms

-Good for cleansing the liver

I used Mugwort in a purple protection bag (along with other herbs and a few stones) and keep it hanging from my rearview mirror. If it's illegal to have something hanging from your mirror than stick it underneath the driver's side seat.

Rub the leaves on a scrying mirror.

Add it to a pouch and put underneath your pillow or make tea out of it before bed for help with astral projection and also helps give you prophetic dreams.

These are only a few ways you can use mugwort. There are many many more. It's also very useful in healing.

**It's related to ragweed so make sure it wont bother your allergies**