Friday, May 13, 2016

Herb: Sage

Sage is the one herb I use the most. It has many uses such as: purification, grounding, protection. It's used in divination and for healing and many, many other things.

You can buy it online, at metaphysical shops and earthy shops or even grow it!

Some of the ways you can use it magickally:

-Smudging: I smudge A LOT. I smudge to ward off negative energies. But be warned, it tends to give a marijuana smell off. I had and issue with this once. Longggg story. Haha. Anywho, when smudging my home I start with smudging myself. In my opinion if there's negative energy in my home, then there is negative energy around me. Thanks, but no thanks! I start from the floor up clockwise. Front to back and then back down. Then I start on my home. Make sure to get every door, window, corner etc. Some people say a "prayer". I just bless my home and banish the negativity.

-Healing Spells

-Keep it on your alter

-Cleansing tools and blessing tools

-Some people keep it in their wallet/purse etc.. for financial gain

Sage can be use for some illnesses such as: Anti-inflammatory, treating Diarrhea, Treating asthma, WOMANLY PROBLEMS *yay!*

Reportedly cleans wounds and ulcers

And of course you can use sage in the kitchen! :)

These are just a few samples of the uses of Sage. There is soo much more! Honestly this is ONE herb you WANT in your herb collection! :)

Helpful Hints:

A little goes a long way

After lighting sage fan the leaves to get it smoldering. Some people blow on it some find it disrespectful.

Ultimately do what YOU feel is right with the sage. Smudge how you'd like, use it as you'd like. After all, the magick is in you. It's YOUR magick.




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Monday, May 9, 2016

Healing Candle Spell

Healing Candle Spell

What you need:

- 3 Blue Candles
- Knife (any)
-Candle Holders

What To Do:

Carve your name (or the person's name) into the wax of all three candles. Set them into the holders and light them. Then Repeat the following:

"Healing light,
shining tonight.
The power i feel,
be used to heal."

Then concentrate on the illness or condition that you are looking to heal. Let the candles burn out on their own when your done.