Sunday, March 8, 2015

Ostara Ritual

Spreading the Energy of Spring



Any and all combinations of items below:

- fresh leaves, green grass, or other green plant matter (dry)
- fresh flowers
- hard-boiled eggs (colored or not)
- bottle of milk
- colorful ribbons
- stuffed animal or rabbit or other spring-time creature

Cleanse yourself and your space as you ready for ritual. Set up your altar in spring decor, foliage, pastels, flowers, eggs, animal statues, or any other decoration you may have. Place the empty basket in the center of your altar. Set out all your other supplies around your basket. Set your pen and paper near you so you can reach it.

Basket of Eostre

Stand before your altar and take a deep breath. If possible, have a window open to have the fresh spring air. Imagine the goddess, Eostre, the goddess of spring and the namesake for the holiday of Easter. She is a deity of renewal and rebirth. Visualize her in the new spring landscape, surrounded by her creatures of growth. Her energy spreads through the land, awakening the sleeping plants. Surrounded by green and flowers, she warms every heart that comes upon her. Hold this visualization as you continue.
Before your altar, hold out your hands and think of all the things that spring brings. The items before you represent these things. Hold your hands towards them, palms facing them, and close your eyes. Hold your visualization of Eostre and remember all the animals, plants, and blessings of spring. Imagine all of this spring energy forming into a cloud just above your altar. It is the bright green of growth. Hold this visualization and say,
"Blessing of Eostre,
Blessing of green,
Blessing of new growth,
Blessing of Spring.
May we be renewed,
As we help to renew others,
Fulfill this awakening,
With the joy of the season!"

Say your private prayers after the above. When you are done, imagine the cloud above your altar slowly sinking and infusing the objects on your altar with its energy. It is calm, happy, and warm energy that brightens its surroundings.
"With the goddess' gift,
May we spread her mirth!
Blessings of Eostre,
Be with us!"

Pile up all of the objects into the basket. Go outside. If you have a backyard go there, if not go about your neighborhood. Sprinkle the fresh flowers/grasses by your front door. As you do so say,
"Blessing of Eostre to you."

As you walk by a tree or shrub, get a strip of ribbon and tie it around a branch. As you do so say "Blessing of Eostre to you."

If you have hard boiled eggs, bury them at the foot of trees, bushes, or flowers. Add the blessing, "Blessing of Eostre to you."

If you have a bottle of milk, give some to your animals (not too much) and pour the rest onto the earth. Add the blessing, "Blessing of Eostre to you."

If you have the stuffed animal give it willingly to your children, niece, nephew, or grandchild. Add the blessing, "Blessing of Eostre to you."

With the items of spring out in the world, they radiate the warm and joyful energy of the goddess Eostre. Let fresh air into your home whenever possible and let natural light flood your home. Blessings on this Ostara!