Saturday, March 7, 2015

Car Consecration for Travel

Many people give their vehicle a name, decorate its interior, and plaster the trunk with clever bumper stickers. Witchy folks can go one step further, and consecrate a car just as we would any other tool for magical use. You can perform a spiritual rite for your transportation, casting a Circle or creating sacred space around it. Acknowledge the directions, Elements, spirits, totems, and other entities related to travel, or call on your own deities and request their assistance. Ask your Guides to help protect you, to keep your vehicle safe from harm, and request that all its mechanical components work properly.
Summon power for a purification ritual, especially if the vehicle has been pre-owned. Smudge your car with sage and aspurge it with clear water, just the same as you would for your home or workspace. Or wait until you’re at the carwash, and perform a cleansing rite during the rinse cycle. If you follow a shamanic path, drum around your automobile, and burn a pinch of cedar in the ashtray. Wiccans might bless the car with ritual implements related to the Elements, such as a splash of water for West or a candle to represent Fire. (Caution: Be very careful with lit candles, incense, or smudge sticks around vehicles. Upholstery can be flammable.)
You may wish to give your car a magical moniker, such as “Sleipnir” for Odin’s horse, or “Speedwell” like the New England ship. Anoint it with essential oils, such as frankincense, sandalwood, or heliotrope. Some Celts and Norsemen toast their pickup trucks with mead or ale. Other Witches even go so far as to paint magical sigils onto the car body or dashboard. If this isn’t workable, you can use oils, holy water infused with herbs, or even washable markers to inscribe a blessing on your automobile.