Sunday, August 31, 2014

Prayer to the ancient ones

Ancient Mother of the Moonlight Bright
Who Lights the Way in the Darkest Night
Triple Goddess, Maiden, Mother and Crone
Ancient Father of the Forest, Rock and Stone
Green Man of the Wild Glade
Horned Hunter of the Sharpest Blade
Hear My Call...Hear My Plea
Hear Me as I Come to Thee
Lend Me Your Beauty and your Grace
Descend to my Circle, My Sacred Space
Lend Me Your Power, Your Strength and Might
Lead Me away from the Darkness and into thy Light
Give Me Courage as I Walk My Path
May I always find Thy Home and Hearth
Great Mother of Nature and all that I See
Hear My Words as I come to Thee
Great Father of the Rock, Mountain and Tree
Hear My Words as I come to Thee
May I Walk in Thy Blessed Love and Light
Guide My Feet through the Day and Night
In Thy Perfect Love and Harmony
With all that I am.....So Mote it Be!