Monday, August 11, 2014

Curse of Illness

You will need the following items for this spell: 
  • Mouse or Rat 
  • Slab of Concrete or Tree Stump 
  • Poison 
  • Ritual Knife 
  • Fire

Get a mouse or a rat from a pet store, 
the ones they keep to feed snakes with are usually pretty cheap. 
Find a good work surface like a slab of concrete or a tree stump. 
Feed the rodent with poison, either generic rat poison or belladonna. 
Before it can die, slit it's throat with a ritual knife, 
and use its blood to inscribe the name of the target. 
Cut it open and remove the liver.
Lay the liver on the name of the person, 
and picture what kind of disease you want them to be afflicted with, 
cancer, leprosy, etc. 
Call out to whatever strong dark powers you have who will answer, 
and draw three circles around the name, 
then lay the liver over the name and burn it. 

This can be done as many times as desired.