Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Truth Spells

Spell to find the Truth
A red candle
An herb dish
Pour the Thyme into the herb dish and say:
"Purification I do conjure
So that thoughts be spoke,
No be pondered"
Light the candle and say:
"Passion so red,
Set to the fire,
Let the truth be said,
As is my desire"
Drop red wax onto the herbs and say:
"Mists of thyme,
Fire of red,
Send the truth to my head"

Truth Compelling Spell

Now go to your front door and release the herbs to the wind. You shall let thyme fly and receive the truth. If you suspect someone is a liar but are not sure, get a purple candle and dress it with Compelling oil. Write the person's name on a piece of parchment paper nine times and cross and cover that name with your name nine times. Place the paper under the candle and burn it for seven days while the moon is waxing. Each night you light it, call the person's name and say...
I compel you to tell me the truth!
On the seventh night wrap the left-over candle wax in the paper and throw it in running water or at a
crossroads. He/She will be compelled to tell the truth then and may confess to many lies.
(Compelling Oil is made with a variety of herbs, among them Calamus or Marigold Root.)
Truth Spell
A white candle
A picture of the person or just a small piece of paper to put the persons name.
Get the white candle and light it up (at night before you go to sleep) and say:
"To see the truth, to know the way, I cast a spell in every day, buy the power of three,
I Conjure thee to give thy truth, unto me."
Then blow out the candle while saying the persons name you want to put the truth spell on.
In the morning, light the candle again, say the spell again and say the person aloud, then
blow out the candle while saying the persons name... and say it through the smoke of the
candle so it can work.
Lovers Truth Spell

You will need:
A tall, deep-blue candle
Peony or Lavender oil
Parchment (or paper)
On a waxing moon, anoint the candle with the fragrance of lavender or peony by the purest moonlight. By this same moonlight - and this light only - inscribe the name of your lover on parchment. Still by moonlight, use the name-paper as a taper to light the candle. Place the candle upon a fireproof surface, away from a window or curtain, and rest while the candle burns low. As you lay down your head that night, ask that your love be open and honest of his actions; ask that he leave off flirtation and reveal true feelings for you if he has them. Before a week has passed you will have a sign of his true regard.
Honesty Spell

A small Seashell
Red candle
Red string
Paper and Pen
Dragons Blood

Start by casting the circle, call Goddesses sympathetic to your cause, like Venus, Hera, Kuan Yin, Hecate .... use the loose incense you have made to smudge yourself. Write on the paper all the things you want in a relationship, make sure to write open communication on there somewhere. Visualize each thing you want as you write it. Smudge the shell in the incense. Ask the Goddess to bless it as a symbol of women and clear communication. Admire the way the shell petals open, hold the shell to your ear and listen to the sea. In a safe container burn the paper and some more of the incense together. Picture your lover hearing your words as they rise on the smoke. This will let him know what you want so his heart can see if it is also what he wants. Take the remaining incense and the ashes of the paper and put them inside the shell. Drip wax from the red candle to seal the mixture inside the shell while visualizing your wishes for a strong relationship. While the wax is still wet bind the shell with the red string and knot it. Use more wax if you need to seal it. Again visualize your lover talking to you about his feelings and yours. Release the Goddesses and open the circle, allow the red candle to burn down. Take the shell and the remnants of the red candle and carry it with you until your lover has a serious heart to heart talk with you. It should be within a few days of the spell. Then bury the shell and candle someplace near water. Keep in mind that what he says you may not want to hear. This spell will open his heart and let the truth of his feelings out.