Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Spell to Banish Negative Energy

This incantation will spiritually cleanse a place, and banish unwanted energies.  It is very useful for purifying a place of ritual before creating a circle, and also to remove remaining energy from unpleasant visitors after a ritual.  You can even use this as a hasty defense to ward off malevolent spirits.
Just say the following incantation aloud or in your head, while drawing a pentagram in the air – imagine the pentagram to be made of bright white light. At the end of the incantation, let the white light escape in order to enlighten and purify every corner of the area to be cleaned.

“In these names that are above all others,
the name of the great lady and powerful Lord,
I hunt by seed, flower and fruit of evil,
I cast a spell on them with power and purity,
Whether constrained by chains
Or returned to darkness,
They may never disturb the servants of the gods.”