Sunday, June 15, 2014

Altar Consecration Ritual

To consecrate and dedicate an altar to the Lord and Lady, first find the place where you wish to set up the altar. This place must not be disturbed, for it will take on sacred and holy energies, and you will not want anything to happen to this area. Use some quiet meditational music if there is some available. Remember, the more energy and work that you put into your altar, the more magical energy it will take on. You may even use an energy bell or Tibetan bell to signify that you are beginning to call those spiritual guides to assist you with your present work. Action is the key!

Once you have found that place, take a smudge wand of Sage, light it and begin to clear the air around the altar. Constantly, keep Love and Light in your consciousness. Now, move to the four elements and ask for their guiding presence. Use a compass if needed to find the proper directions on the Earth.
North = Earth
South = Fire
East = Air
West = Water
Around = Spirit

Place and light a candle at each of the four cardinal points in a circle around the altar. Start in the east (yellow), go to the south (red), the west (blue) and finally to the north (green).Ask for their blessings and honor their assistance. Next, begin to set up the altar, placing each item you wish on the altar gently and reverently. Use the Consecration Ritual if you need to consecrate any magical tools. You’ll know what those items are as time passes. The altar will change its appearance as the seasons change. On your altar can be anything you wish, anything! Some altars are outside, some are inside. Some are clean and orderly, while others are cluttered with anything and everything around them. Yet, you must keep this place of sacredness, honorable to the God and Goddess.

You may wish to use two 7 day candles to represent the ever presence of the God and Goddess in your life. Black for God, White for Goddess. Red of fire, incense for Air, small bowl of water for west, and something of the Earth for North. Once your altar is set up the way you want it, spend a few moments in quiet meditation thinking about what this altar means to you. Now, allow the altar to fill you with its magic and energy. Feel the magic around you. breathe in the Love and Light from the Lord and Lady. Visual yourself re-vitalized because of it’s presence. See yourself becoming more healthy, whole, and wise. Now, visualize healing for someone else, maybe someone you do not even know. Send them Love and Light.

When you are ready to end your dedication and consecration ritual, sound the bell once again, thanking all elements for their presence and assistance. Send them back to their humble abode harming none on their way. Now, thank the Lord and Lady for their presence in your life. Take a deep breath of the fresh magic around you and repeat:
As I will it, so mote it be!