Thursday, March 12, 2015

Prosperity/Money Spell

Let's face it. Everyone can use a few extra bucks here and there. =) While you do need to be careful of how things are worded and make sure you aren't sounding greedy.

What You Need:

A blue Tiger's Eye (brown will work just fine)
Bill as large as you can spare for a couple of weeks.
Green ribbon
A small green pouch

What To Do:

Rub the money front and back with the stone while saying, "Money, money come to me. I accept prosperity." Then fold the stone in the money, wrap with the green ribbon and put into the green bag. Place the green bag where you keep your money (purse, wallet, drawer, etc.). This must be done during the waxing moon so the spell can grow. After the full moon has passed, unwrap the money and spend it. Repeat after the new moon.

The lady who did this experienced amazing surprises (Including money, gift cards and coupons)

Stay tuned for MY prosperity experience =)