Thursday, March 12, 2015

Personal Prosperity Experience (Includes Spell)

y Prosperity Experience

I'm a very forgetful person. I can't remember anything. I lose stuff constantly as well. Like... My... Debit... Card. And it was a payroll card too, so I couldn't go get my money out. It was MIA for 3 weeks. I looked everywhere. I didn't want to call and have a new one sent because I knew as soon as I did that, I'd find it.

Soooo there I went searching for spells, pouches, anything to help guide me to it's location.

Finally the full moon came around right before I called and cancelled. I set out getting my stuff ready and did my ritual.

That night we went out to dinner (thanks for covering my bill mom lol) After we came home, I went to my candle and burned a bay leaf envisioning my debit card. Not 30 minutes later here comes my mother with a huge smile on her face. She said, "You are going to love me." I knew in that instant, she'd found my debit card in her room under a chair I remember sitting in.

Not only was my debit card found, but on it had accumulated over $400!

So what did I do??

First off I burned a whole bay leaf with prosperity written on it in a reiki charged Money Candle. (Basically a green candle charged with reiki energy with the intent of prosperity) While the bay leaf burned I envisioned my debit card.

What You Need:

Green candle
Herbs related to prosperity (Clove, bay, rue, rosemary, patchouli, cinnamon, strawberry leaves, basil, dill, peppermint, jasmine)

What To Do:

Charge the candle. Picture your energy connecting to it.
Roll the candles in the herbs (you can dress the candle with olive oil, any kind of money oils, or run a lighter and melt the sides a tiny bit. Or you can burn them at the wick.

May prosperity flow freely through my life. I sense a natural attraction to wealth and its comforts. Help me embrace prosperity in all forms with my endeavors. So mote it be

Let the candle burn out.

I also added some crystals around my candle. (Pyrite, quartz, tiger's eye etc...)