Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Voodoo Doll Spell

You will need the following items for this spell: 
·                                 Wax Doll, Homemade Doll, Ect (Any doll you wish to use.) 
·                                 Thy Enemies Hair, Fingernail, Ect. 
·                                 A Clear Mind and Soul. 
·                                 Circle of Magic. 
·                                 Needle, Candle, Whatever object you wish to use to inflict Pain.

Take thy doll and place it into the circle. After doing so take the doll and chant whilst placing your Enemies item upon it. and chant the following placing the doll back into the circle.

I command you, I control you.
I command you, I compel you.
I command you, I compel you,
I command you, I compel you

Hear my voice!

For what thy enemy has done to me so shall my pain come to them.
Hear my voice, the pain you have caused me I shall cause thee!

Take Needle, Candle ect, and Inflict pain to thy Doll.
Repeat if needed.