Monday, April 6, 2015

Nifty Magickal Items

A Few Miscellaneous items I've picked up from my metaphysical shop lately were really nifty. You can use so much more than crystals, herbs and other tools for your magickal workings.

Rusty Nails: (A.K.A Iron Coffin Nails) -Fashion two nails together into a cross and hang at your front door for protection against bad energy and illness. They can also be used to "nail someone down" in war water and other bottle conjure to cross someone. Bent nails send negativity away from you making a "U-turn" if it's headed your way.

*Hoodoo* Mojo Bean: (African Wishing Bean) Keep an odd number of these lucky beans in your pocket or in a mojo bag, making one wish per bean. Make a wish on a lucky bean and carry for 7 days then toss into a river. Your wish should come true in 7 days. *must be attainable*
Mexican Blue Balls: They are most widely known as for being used in good luck in gambling, and are sometimes used in conjunction with other lucky tokens to keep a winning streak running. Blue Balls are also popular as spiritual cleansers, and are sometimes used in conjunction with Florida Water, Holy Water, or other such washes to clean a house of negativity, jinxes, curses, and other such evil. They are even used by many to cleanse clothing, and are dropped into the laundry to whiten and purify!

Witch Bottle: A witch bottle is traditionally a round glass bottle with a stopper that is used for protection. You can use any glass jar.

Cemetary Dirt: Used in spells. Collect dirt from a cemetary. Be wary of the energies you may be using. Some spirits are unsettled.

Poppet: A small doll used to represent another person or yourself in spells. Poppets are traditionally used for curses, but can also be helpful in healing or binding spells.