Monday, April 27, 2015

Pluto, A Powerful Planet....

Most of us are familiar with retrogrades. A retrograde is when it appears to look like a planet reverses the direction it is spinning. Which is actually caused by the Earth. The energies effect us emotional, physically and spiritually. One of the most noticeable retrogrades and what I'm sure most associate retrogrades is Mercury. Yes, Mercury being in retrograde sucks, but it's not the only retrograde. However, it seems to be the only one that draws such vast attention.

On April 16th, Pluto went into retrograde and will continue to effect us untill September 24th. While these energies aren't as strong as Mercury's, you'll still feel it at times.

If Pluto is in retrograde, you deal with controlling feelings for ex., like you must control all things in and around your life. Holding on tight to relationships you become suffocating or holding onto PAST relationships refusing to LET GO.

It's the planet of transformations, upheaval, reversals and beginnings. During the retrograde, it's a time of rebuilding when others try to intervene. Be prepared to cut away those areas of your life you don't benefit from.

During this time your abilities are more open. You are more aware and notice what you wouldn't normally. You're able to broaden your mind and expand it. See more.

Bringing it all down to something simple, I think of this as the time for internal spring cleaning ;)