Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spell Work: Four Basic Purposes

Spells are used for four basic purposes:

x Blessing

x Honoring

x Manifesting

x Banishing

You can't do a spell and expect it to work. You have to do your own part.

For example: You can't do a job spell and expect to have a job appear. You have to work for it and do your part.

Four Purposes:

x Manifesting Spells x

Anything you want to attract in your life. They should be performed between the new and the full moon.

x Banishing Spells x

Use to rid something out of your life. They are performed between the full and new moon.

x Blessing Spells x

These are performed between the new moon and the full moon. For larger items (a new home, new addition to the family etc) a formal ritual is best. For smaller items, a charm is sufficient enough.

x Honoring Spells x

Resevered for the Gods, the moon, special holidays, or the deceased.

Thanking the Gods for assisting you to meet your goal.

Celebrating the Full moon or holidays

When honoring the deceased build an altar to them.

Can be performed anytime of the month