Thursday, March 5, 2015

Full Moon Release

Full Moon Release

With the full moon ahead, I thought this might be convenient. 

The Full Moon is the most magickal time of the month. It's when the moon's energies are at it's fullest creating an abundance of positive energy. 

What kind of things can you do during a full moon? I have a list! 

Positive spells (usually achieve good results), Artistic projects, Love, Romance, Fertility, Psychic abilities, Making decisions, Healing, Guidance, Completion, Job/Career, Money, Divination, Blessings, Intuition, Wisdom

One thing I ALWAYS try to do is a full moon release. Through out the month we build up so much negativity. So many problems. How can you live a positive life full of negativity? You can't. 

What you need: 

-Fire safe bowls (seriously.. I just use glass ones from the dollar tree you can buy in a 3- pack lol)
-Paper/pen (Mine are already with my magickal tools/supplies. I keep paper and pen with the intent of my magickal workings ONLY) 
-Lighter/matches/candle (I prefer a candle for this) 

I do mine during my ritual, so I already have my circle going. I just move my bowl and candle and paper in front of me. Sit down and breathe (I burn incense and sage so that usually calms me down a bit) 

Think of all the negativity in your life. Get to the root of the cause. Write it down, imagine yourself pulling that root of negativity out of your life. (You may use a few slips of paper depending on what's going on at that point in your life)

Gather your paper(s) and read off the releases aloud. As you do this imagine all of your negativity/problems. Burn the slips of paper one by one. Take a breath and let it out. As your paper burns, imagine the negativity disappearing. Let the paper burn in a bowl. Keep doing this until each one is burnt. 
Take a deep breath and release it. 

Can you feel the negativity leaving? Don't let it hold you down! To me, that feeling of not having all of that nastiness, is a feeling of freedom.