Sunday, March 8, 2015

Caring For Your Crystals

Once you acquire your first crystal(s) you will need to clean and charge it  to attune it to your personal vibrations and energies.

This involves cleansing it and charging it. It's best to cleanse and charge them periodically because the pick up both negative and positive energies. It is best not to let others handle your crystals once they are charged and cleansed because of this.

Ways To Cleanse:

There are numerous ways to cleanse your crystals. It's up to you decide how to do it.

1. Submerse in salt water. You can use Epsom salt or sea salt. Mix it with water and let your crystals soak for hours up to days. Let them dry in the sun (be mindful because some crystals fade in the sunlight. Do your research)

2. Hold them in flowing water such as: rivers, waterfalls, kitchen sink lol.

3. Hold crystals in smoke from certain incense. This is called smudging. You can hold it directly in the smoke or use a feather to fan the smoke over the crystals.
--Incense for smudging--
*Sweet grass

4. Quartz clusters. You can set a crystal on a cluster or energizing crystals. A type of this I use is alabaster. It charges crystals and never has to be charged itself.

Charging your crystals:

1. Leave your crystals outside over night in the moon light. During a full moon this will both charge and cleanse. The moon's energies will attune the energies of the stone.

2. You can leave your crystals outside in the sunlight if you want to attune the sun's energies (Be mindful of the stones you leave outside. Some fade)

3. Bury your crystals in the earth for at least a week or so. This can cleanse and charge as well.

4. Reiki energy.

These are just some of the ways. You can do what's best for you. Remember that salt damages some crystals as does sunlight. Do your research before cleansing and charging.