Thursday, March 5, 2015

Candle Magick... What It Is...

Candle magick is the practice of burning candles for a specific reason/spell and accomplishing a certain goal.

Candle healing can be used for ones self or others. However, it is never good to do a spell on another person without their permission! You can do candle spells for others distantly or locally.

Unscented candles are best for this. They don't HAVE to be unscented but it connects you more. Candles that have never been used for mudane purposes are a biggie. Separate your candles that you use for your magickal purposes from ordinary household candles.(Of course, in my opinion if that's all you have make it work for you. It's all about the intent anyway)

Know your colors! It's important to understand the significance of candle colors if you want to cast your spells correctly. Different colors attract different energies and more than one color can be used. While choosing the correct color is certainly helpful, you can also use essential oils to "dress" your candles for an added boost! Rub essential oil (you can use those related to certain spells or if you have no choice you can use olive oil) on the candle from the middle outwards to the side while thinking of your goal/desire. If you want to add herbs to it, use the appropriate cooridinating herbs and after oiling it down, roll it in herbs to your liking while still focusing on your intent.

Candle spells can be as simple as lighting a candle and meditating on your goal or as extravagant as a long and lasting several days. They are what you make it! The important thing to remember is you have to believe in your power.