Thursday, March 12, 2015

Banish Depression.... A reason to smile...

What You Need:

-Pink candle
-Yellow candle

What To Do:

Cast your circle. Light both candles in front of you. Meditate on the candles while saying:

Blessed Goddess of love and light
Please come help me on this night
My heart is heavy. My feelings are blue.
My soul is sad. I don't know what to do.

Help me banish the pain I feel
This lackluster feeling has no appeal.
Help me feel that love begin. Feel my heart be light again.

Let me climb up from this hole
And be with you heart, body and soul.
I ask thee goddess on this night
Please help me make myself alright.
So mote it be.

Close your eyes and picture your depression seeping out and light flowing through you.

Burning some incense to bring peace would be helpful as well.

Close circle.

Another thing you can include in this is a crystal that helps with depression or peace Amethyst is always a good calming crystal. Its also highly powerful. Hold it in your hand while chanting.