Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fire Protection Spell

Use a candle (any color that signifies protection will do)

*When I did this, I used herbs with protection properties and burned them as I said it.
Then I put everything I used in a black pouch and tied.

Do what feels right to you. Always remember this is your path. No one else's but your own :)

Cloak Of Fire - A Protection Spell

Fire hot, Fire bright
I cast this spell to the candle's light
Threads of flames tendrils desire
Weave A protection cloak made of Earth's fire

Around (insert name) I wrap this cloak good and tight
To shelter and protect you each and day night

If malice or danger dares to approach
They'll cower and run from the heat of your cloak.
No mishap no accident no illness will survive
The fiery shield of your cloak's blazing fire.

(Insert Name) I don upon thee this cloak of fire
To wear at all times it's this Witch's desire
Once I blow out this candle and cross my arms
My spell is cast to protect you from harm.