Saturday, May 16, 2015

Herb: Rosemary

Rosemary is considered the protector of women :)


-Helps keep a marriage faithful.. (hmm if only I knew that now lol)

-Memory (People drink rosemary tea to help improve memory)



-Keeps a home peaceful

-Rosemary satchels can be worn near undergarments to attract a sexual partner.... I'll just let you sit and think on this one lol.


-Protection (Sprinkle some on your alter to keep yourself protect from negative energy during rituals/circles)

-Helps with dandruff (Make some tea, scrub it into your scalp whoo hoo! Wear black again lol)

-Fill a glass jar with water, sprinkle in a large pinch or two of dried Rosemary, and let this steep for a couple of days. Refrigerate it and use it as an astringent for your face.

-Can be substituted for Frankinsence.

-Burn with juniper berries in a sick room for healing

There are tons of uses for Rosemary! It's an amazing herb (aren't they all?) There are many medicinal uses, magick uses etc..

*WARNING* I would not suggest being around Rosemary when pregnant. Also, be careful if you have hypertension.

Rosemary Tea

1 teaspoon of dried Rosemary per 1 cup of boiling water.