Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Spell to Heal a Broken Heart

Purpose: To help time heal certain painful wounds. 

You Will Need: Mint (seeds or a plant ready for potting). A pin or needle. A pot and soil (or, if the season is right, an section of your garden).

Notes: This spell involves drawing blood. If you are unable, you can substitute tears for blood. 

Step One - Fill your pot with soil and spread your seeds as you normally would when planting. 

Step Two - Prick your finger and squeeze a few drops of blood over the seeds (or, if you're using a starter plant, the roots). Recite:

Mint plant, creature of healing,
I ask you for help and relief. 
To make me strong,
To right the wrongs,
To end the heartache,
To end the grief. 
As you grow and move toward the light,
so let me grow, and move out of the darkness.

Step Three - Cover the seeds and water them.

Step Four - Keep tending, using, and growing your plant; keeping in mind that you will heal as it grows well.